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Ted Lasso's Toheeb Jimoh & Kola Bokkini reveal their secret plan to steal as much of the show props & merch as possible during series finale

Convenient that a "strong breeze" blew all those uniforms into two actor's wardrobes.

Kola Bokkini in Ted Lasso
Image credit: Apple TV+

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One perk of being on a TV show no one tells you about is the ready access to props that are just waiting to become cherished mementos for the cast the moment the production team turns their back. It is generally accepted that, when a show films its final scenes, anything not bolted down is fair game to disappear into the cast’s houses, but two members of the Ted Lasso cast seem to have walked off with more than they probably should have.

It all came out during the Ted Lasso panel at MCM London in May 2024. Toheeb Jimoh, who played Sam Obisanya, revealed that he conspired with co-star Kola Bokinni to walk off with as much Ted Lasso merch as they could. “To be honest, me and Kola had a plan. We told our head of costuming, we said, ‘Listen, on the final day, a big breeze is coming and it's gonna steal all of our kits. It's just gonna wash all our costumes away somewhere.’” Jimoh managed to walk off with plenty of Sam’s kits, though he admits that his Nigeria kit is his favorite part of his collection.

However, it was Kola Bokkini who possibly stole a bit more than he should have. In addition to the captain’s armband and several uniforms, Toheeb revealed that “Kola stole so many of our kits that on the final day, he didn’t have a kit to wear. So he had to bring his own costume back.”

We can imagine that was a very normal and comfortable conversation Bokkini had with the production team, but we also think it was probably worth it. Heck, if we could have walked off with a couple of AFC Richmond jerseys, we would have. Instead, we have to make do with the officially licensed merchandise they've made for the show.

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