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A Twilight animated show is in development, hopefully reaching its true shoujo potential

Looking forward to animated sparkles.

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Fans of Twilight have been waiting patiently for more information about the long-rumored series based on the films and books. Lionsgate has kept most of the details of their planned Twilight series tightly under wraps, but we’re now learning that the show might look a bit different than people expected.

During the recent Morgan Stanley media conference, Lionsgate's Vice Chairman confirmed that the company would soon be shopping the Twilight series and confirmed that it would be an animated series. Additionally, Deadline has reported that the series has been envisioned as animation since before word of it leaked in April 2023.

A Twilight animated series would be a big departure for the franchise, whose films have grossed more than $3 billion at the box office since the first movie debuted in 2008, but we can see the story and characters working in animation. In the hands of the right studio, this could be a good way to handle things like werewolf transformations or sparkly vampires on a more restrictive TV budget.

Plus, we’d love to see the characters given really stylized designs. Long, thin limbs and unusual proportions with sharp features, similar to the characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas. It would not only help separate the series from the incredibly popular film franchise but would be perfectly in keeping with the pseudo-gothic themes that run through the story. Giving the show such a striking design could be a powerful storytelling device in itself.

Whether Lionsgate chooses to give the show a hyper-stylized look remains to be seen, but we expect the show to pull in big numbers regardless. If there is one thing that we’ve learned in the more than a decade since Breaking Dawn: Part 2 came out, it's that there is always a healthy market for teen angst.

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