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Miss Suits and the whole USA Network 'Blue Sky' era? So do we, and USA is planning a linewide relaunch

Characters are once again welcome, as USA Network preps to revive the 'Blue Sky' magic of Suits, Burn Notice, Psych, and more

Image credit: USA Network

You don't know what you've got until it's gone, and USA Network's 'Blue Sky' era of TV shows - things like Suits, Burn Notice, Psych, and Monk - are sadly missed by many. And finally, seven years after the line's dissolution, USA Network's parent company NBC Universal has noticed. And is looking to change it.

A 'New Sky' era (our term!) at USA Network is underway in force. In addition to already known projects such as the Monk reunion movie and a possible Suits spinoff, USA Network is planning a full-scale return to 'original scripted programming' (i.e. TV shows that are not reality TV, sports, or pro wrestling) - and specifically to what Deadline calls "light, frothy character-based procedurals."

("Frothy." I need to use that word more often.)

According to the Hollywood trade, after the end of the 2023 WGA writer's strike the executives at NBC Universal "put our feelers" to writers about its ambitions, and just over two months later they're sitting on "a handful of ideas" with plans to film in 2024, and air beginning in 2025.

Given how much TV has changed since the original 'Blue Sky' era of 2005-2016, USA Network is framing these as hybrid shows that'll co-exist on the linear USA Network channel but also simultaneously air on Peacock, the streaming service that, like USA, is part of the NBC Universal family.

Can they replicate the 'Blue Sky' magic? It's possible, especially considering the executive in charge of that era of TV is still with the company - and has been promoted up to be NBCUniveral's vice chair Bonnie Hammer. The 'Blue Sky' shows (along with the perennial ratings powerhouse that is WWE Raw) helped USA become the #1 cable entertainment network for 14 years in a row - a record.

Currently, USA Network's only scripted oroginal program is is Chucky - a horror TV show itself created not by USA, but by its sister station Syfy.

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