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Velma season 2 release date: The controversial animated series is back for more mysteries on Max


Velma season one screenshot
Image credit: Warner Bros.

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Jinkies, gang. Looks like there is another mystery to solve. While the first season caused a bit of controversy by leaning too heavily on adult humor rather than sticking to the family-friendly tone the franchise is known for, it hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from renewing Velma for a second season. While we have known that it was coming sometime this year, we finally know when Velma season two will land on Max.

The bespectacled sleuth got renewed for more adventures shortly after the first season finished airing, but Warner Bros. was slow to say exactly when these new episodes would air. Velma season two will debut on April 25, 2024 on Max. The first two episodes will be released on that day, though it hasn’t been confirmed if the new season will follow the same release schedule as the first, which saw two new episodes dropping each week.

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Velma’s second season might seem like an odd choice for the streamer, considering the first season was divisive among fans and critics. However, people were clearly watching it because the first episode was one of the most watched shows on Max when it premiered. Whether it was a lot of people hate watching it or not, it caught the streamer’s attention.

We don’t have to wait much longer to find out if the new episodes find a warmer reception from fans, as the second season of Velma will arrive on Max on April 25, 2024, with Mindy Kaling returning as executive producer and as the voice of the title character.

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