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Watch the Remembering Tim Sale panel from ECCC 2022

Friends and family of the late Tim Sale gather at Emerald City Comic Con to memorialize and celebrate him

Tim Sale
Image credit: Tim Sale (DC)

Iconic superhero artist Tim Sale died earlier this year, but his memory lives on - and stories of him as an artist, a father, and a friend are being told this year at Emerald City Comic Con. Tim Sale's convention banner is proudly displayed down in Artist Alley by Essential Sequential, and some of his professional colleagues - Jared Michalski, Mark Chiarello, Ian Churchill, Jim Krueger, Richard Starkings, and Sale's art rep Jason Schachter - gathered in one of the big panel rooms at the Seattle Convention Center to talk about his achievements including Batman: The Long Halloween, Daredevil: Yellow, Spider-Man: Blue, Superman for All Seasons, and Hulk: Gray and so many more.

Watch the Remember Tim Sale panel filmed at Emerald City Comic Con 2022:

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