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Watchmen release date: When is the animated adaptation of the iconic comic coming out?

The film was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con

Watchmen art
Image credit: DC

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It is rare to find a comics fan who doesn’t have a heavily worn copy of Watchman sitting on their bookshelf, so the news that it was getting an animated adaptation caused plenty of excitement when it was announced back in 2023. It is a year later and we’re still waiting to find out when the R-rated Watchman animated film will finally come out.

The movie was one of two animated offerings from DC that were announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2023. The other, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, came out in January 2024. However, we’re still waiting for an official release date for the Watchman animated movie, which is still expected sometime in 2024.

Since Zach Snyder’s live-action Watchman film, the graphic novel has also served as the inspiration for a critically acclaimed series on HBO in 2019. The animated film would seek to adapt the original comic once again, this time keeping its original ending. Few other details are known at the moment, save for the fact that it is meant to be R-rated. Considering the dark tone of the source material, that age rating will probably be due to violence and sexual content throughout.

Watchmen is widely considered to be one of the best graphic novels of all time, so expectations are high for the animated film when it finally is released at some point in 2024. However, we’re still waiting for an official announcement to confirm the cast and the release date for the Watchmen animated movie.

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