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Wearable bean bag chairs could become my 2023 con wardrobe

2023 convention fit. Who's with me?

Hanalolo wearable bean bag pillow
Image credit: Hanalolo

Finally, I've found the perfect wardrobe for attending comic conventions.

(I'm only half-joking.)

You can now buy a bean bag chair that you can wear - not as an attachment to your body, but as a onesie. Internally here at Popverse, this brought to mind fantastical characters like Marvel's Doop or McDonald's Grimace, but even without factoring in coloring, this might be a must-have for all of us in 2023 - whether we wear it at home, or to go out to, say, a comic convention.

The idea for a bean bag chair you can wear as wardrobe comes to us from the Japanese lifestyle brand Hanalolo, who has been making bean bags in various shapes, sizes, and configurations for years.

According to Shogo Takigawa, a spokesperson for Hanalolo's parent company Takikou Sewing Co., Ltd, this wearable bean bag chair was originally created 10 years ago for its staff to wear at events to "liven" things up. This novelty item was worn at events in the intervening years, but the decision to make ones for sale didn't start brewing until 2022.

This wearable bean bag pillow is made out of 100% polyester, and has four openings - one for your head, one for your lower body, and one for each arm. But if you don't feel like wearing it, don't worry - it can be used as a regular bean bag chair as well.

The Hanalolo wearable bean bag pillow is available in the colors Moss Green, Natural Beige, Mocha, and Charcoal Gray, and comes in three sizes:

  • Small (17.7" x 15.7" x 21.7", weighing 2.4 lbs.)
  • Medium (23.6" x 19.7" x 29.5", weighing 4.9 lbs.)
  • Large (31.5" x 23.6" x 41.3", weighing 11 lbs.)

Currently the Hanalolo wearable bean bag pillow is available on both Hanalolo webstore and Rankuten,although both are Japanese language only.

Once you add this con couture to your list of comic convention essentials, you can show it off at one of the many upcoming comic conventions on the horizon.

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