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Wednesday season 2 release date: What is known about Netflix's plans for a new season

Here's what we know (and some things we're guessing) about the Wednesday Season 2 release date.

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From comic character to film star to TikTok sensation, Wednesday Addams is on the rise. And like a zombie crawling out of its grave, it doesn't look like she has any intention of slowing down. Over a year ago as of this writing, Netflix officially announced that Wednesday's titular streaming series would return for a second season, but there's still no answer to the question of when.

Now let's be up front here, we also don't know when Wednesday Season Two is coming to Netflix (believe us, we'd tell you!). But just like our horrorsome heroine, not knowing something isn't going to stop us from speculating. In fact, it's exactly why we're doing so.

Let's start our investigation by asking...

Who is in Wednesday Season 2?

No cast list for the Wednesday's return to streaming has been officially announced, however, Netflix has officially referred to several cast members as returning at an official event. That was at Tudum: A Global Fan Event, and as reported by Netflix's official blog, cast members Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), and Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay) were spoken to about their returns to the show.

Oh right, Jenna Ortega was there too, because of course Jenna Ortega is coming back as Wednesday Addams. Which leads us to our second question...

When is Wednesday Season 2 being filmed?

Recently, rumors circulated online that Ortega, who stars in the latest Scream movies, was leaving the franchise because of scheduling conflicts stemming from Wednesday's filming schedule (you can read more on both her and costar Melissa Barrera's exits on Popverse). And while those rumors are unconfirmed, they would make sense. Deadline confirmed last year that shooting for Season 2 of Wednesday would begin in April of 2024, right around the time Scream 7 would've been shooting. Of course, the truthfulness of those rumors would hinge on how much of Wednesday Seaon Two there was to film, or in other words...

How many episodes will be in Wednesday Season 2?

Unfortunately, the edges of this puzzle piece are the least defined out of all of them. With no official episode order from Netflix itself, the best we can do is guess at how many episodes will be in the second season of Wednesday.

And our guess is eight.

Before you throw that tomato, let us explain why we got to that very specific number. First, it was the number of episodes in Wednesday's first season. Second, this is about the number of episodes for every season of a Netflix original series - Sex Education's four seasons got eight episodes each, so did The Witcher, and Stranger Things got eight or nine. Lastly, it's pretty common across Netflix shows to have the same episode count per season.

Go ahead and throw the tomato now, because we're about to wrap up and ask...

When is Season 2 of Wednesday coming out?

Between the start of filming on Wendesday Season One (September 2021, according to Deadline) and its debut on Netflix in November of 2022, fourteen months of filming, editing, and other post-production duties took place. So, if the cast is set and the episode count roughly the same as Season One, shooting in April 2024 should mean Wednesday Season 2 premieres...

June of 2025.

Again, this is all speculation. Unfortunately, the only thing we know for sure regarding the releae date of Wednesday Addams's triumphant return to Netflix is that it's a long way away yet. Sorry to fans of the show, we know that that kind of length can be torture.

If it's any consolation, torture is kind of Wednesday's thing.

While they wait for the show to come back Popverse premium members can check out Netflix's full Wednesday panel with Jenna Otega, Luis Guzmán, Gwendoline Christie and more from NYCC.

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