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The final nail in the coffin comes for What We Do in the Shadows, which is ending after its sixth season

Our favorite undead miscreants will bare their fangs for one final outing

What We Do in the Shadows screenshot from season 5
Image credit: FX

Even the eternal lives of vampires must eventually come to an end. What We Do in the Shadows, FX's critically-lauded vampire comedy, is finally closing the lid on its run with the upcoming sixth season. Staten Island’s resident vampire coven are entering the final phase of their misadventures in the modern world, and we’re both thrilled and sad to see them go.

The journey to this conclusion is just as improbable as anything else in the show’s winding narrative. Based on a 2014 film by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, What We Do in the Shadows has become one of the best-written comedies on TV for the past six years. It is simultaneously ridiculous and surprisingly heartfelt at times, with punchlines that are set up in the first episode of the season and delivered in the season’s closing moments. If you're a fan of quirky British comedies, you'll find plenty to love here.

The utter chaos Nandor the Relentless, Nadja, Laszlo, and Colin Robinson leave in their wake while their long-suffering human familiar Guillermo has to clean up their messes has proven to be a winning formula, but what will the final episodes bring us? Will we see a return of the Global Vampire Council? Will Mark Hamill’s Jim the Vampire make another appearance? Will the cursed hat made from a witch’s skin finally return to Laszlo?

As sad as we are to see this fantastic show come to an end, it is good that it is going to get a proper ending to its story, tying up loose plotlines and giving fans the closure we desperately need from the show. We don’t currently know when the sixth and final season of What We Do in the Shadows will air, but you can catch up on the previous seasons on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in other territories.

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