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The Witcher’s Eamon Farren and Anya Chalotra have a fun joke on-set - that they should play each other's characters!

"She always says to me that she would be better to play Cahir," said Farren at a recent panel.

The Witcher
Image credit: Netflix

The Witcher Season Three is set to be a big one for Cahir fans. Cahir actor Eamon Farren recently told fans at MCMthat the upcoming chapter would be a “turning point” in his character. But apparently, whatever change is coming isn’t as big as one that he’s joked about with a fellow cast member.

According to the Twin Peaks actor, he’s had multiple conversations with Anya Chalotra, who plays Yennefer of Vengerberg, about switching roles.

“I've had this exact conversation with Anya,” said Farren smilingly to the crowd assembled at MCM London Comic Con, “She always says to me that she would be better to play Cahir than I am, and I would be a prettier Yennefer than she is. So in Season 6 or 7 we’re going to do a character swap and let the fans decide.”

The reaction from the crowd was boisterous, and the actor’s commitment to the bit began to waver.

“I think I’m digging a hole I don’t want to be in,” he admitted.

Jokes aside, Farren’s journey into The Witcher really did begin with a character other than Cahir. “I auditioned for Geralt's role to start with,” he told the panel, “and I didn't get that, which was shocking to me.”

“Then I made my way to this other character that was like a mercenary sort of fighter/killer guy. I sent [the audition] off and didn't expect anything, and then I got the job and then we ended up in Budapest […] It's been a wild ride.”

A wild ride indeed, especially since that “fighter/killer” guy went from heartless thug to fan favorite morally ambiguous antihero in Season Two. And when Season Three drops on Netflix June 29, there are bound to be even more drastic changes for the Black Knight of Nilfgaard.

But maybe not as big as the actor portraying him would like.

Want more? Watch the full The Witcher's Eamon Farren spotlight panel from MCM Comic Con.

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