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Wolf Man release date: Blumhouse's remake of the classic Universal monster movie gets pushed back to 2025

He'll be howling at a different full moon.

Wolf Man screenshot
Image credit: Universal Pictures

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Normally, you have to wait for a full moon to catch a glimpse of a werewolf, but it looks like that won’t be enough to spark a transformation this year. We had all been gearing up for the release of Wolf Man, Blumhouse’s remake of the classic Universal monster flick, later this year, but it is getting pushed back a few months into 2025.

October is the traditional release window for horror movies and that had been when Wolf Man was due to hit cinemas. However, the studio has shifted its release window by a few months. Blumhouse’s Wolf Man will now be released on January 17, 2025 though no reason has been given for changing the film’s release date. The remake of the 1940s horror classic is set to star Christopher Abbott and Julia Garner.

Following a family that is being stalked by a lethal predator, Wolf Man has been described as a “blood-chilling reimagining” of Universal’s classic monster film, which presumably means upping the horror content of the film and downplaying the cheesy silliness of the original. While we don’t necessarily mind giving a modern update to these sorts of movies, we do wonder how it will remain identifiable as a Wolf Man remake and not end up as a generic werewolf horror film. Both are good, but when you invoke the image of the classic Universal monster movies, it brings certain images to mind.

Wolf Man will hit cinemas on January 17, 2025 as the latest in Blumhouse’s classic monster movie remakes.

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