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Tom King opens up about the creation of DC's Trinity, daughter of Wonder Woman

How an unused babysitting story led to the creation of Wonder Woman’s daughter.

Trinity Special #1
Image credit: Daniel Sampere/DC

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When it comes to creating a character, you never know when inspiration might strike. It could come from a personal life experience, or from a dream. Or in some cases, you could reuse an abandoned idea from your collaborator.

According to Tom King, that’s how he created Trinity, the daughter of Wonder Woman. Lizzie Prince has been kicking butt in the pages of King’s Wonder Woman title. Her adventures are set in a future version of the DC Universe which may or may not happen.

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During a panel at Megacon 2024, King spoke about the creation of Trinity. According to the writer, she was one of the first ideas he had when he was assigned Wonder Woman. “The first thing that came together was the Lizzie portion of it. It’s related to Mitch [Gerads]. We were talking about doing a little more Mister Miracle, and Mitch had proposed this thing where the Super Sons were babysitting Jacob.”

“And he was constantly trying to escape,” added Gerads, who was seated next to King.

“And I just fucking stole it,” King joked. “I thought the Super Sons should be babysitting Diana’s daughter because of the Trinity. But then I thought Wonder Woman doesn’t have a daughter, then I realized that’s a story! Sweet!”

It seems that Trinity was created because Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent needed someone to babysit. If DC’s recent Trinity Special is any indication, it seems that the character has a bright future ahead of her. Just think, it all came from an abandoned Mister Miracle idea.

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