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X-Men: The Animated Series manga is returning in 2024 remastered and with a deluxe edition!

The long-unavailable classic returns, alongside other classic Marvel manga, thanks to a new collaboration with VIZ Media

X-Men: TAS manga cover cropped
Image credit: VIZ Media/Marvel

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VIZ Media is has teamed up with Marvel to bring back some classic mangas, among which is the renowned X-Men: The Animated Series manga adaptation from 1998, which returns this year remastered with an English deluxe edition.

The announcement was made through VIZ Media's social media accounts and, and also includes mention of Spider-Man: Octo-Girl, Vol. 1, which was originally published by Shueisha in Japan. Also part of the new deal is Deadpool: Samurai - The Official Coloring Book, featuring 80 pages of Hikaru Uesugi artwork of Marvel characters.

Hiroshi Higuchi's X-Men manga, which has been unavailable for years, was originally used by Marvel to attempt to break into the Japanese market and follows Jubilee as she has to leave her "normal life" behind when "the mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels come after her." Despite the manga's popularity, it'd been out of print for years now. If we had to guess, it appears that Marvel is taking advantage of the proximity of their upcoming X-Men '97 animated series for Disney+ to release the newly translated, deluxe edition release of the manga in close collaboration with VIZ Media.

Marvel's official description of the first volume runs thusly: "A deluxe manga take on your favorite X-Men stories! The English edition manga adaptation of the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series is newly remastered and presented in a deluxe edition for the first time. X-Men: The Animated Series was a global sensation and the perfect introduction to Marvel's mutants! Hiroshi Higuchi’s manga, unavailable for years, now finally returns to print! Newly translated and presented in a deluxe edition, this is the ultimate X-Men collector’s item!

"In X-Men, Vol. 1, Jubilation Lee is a teenager with a secret: she’s a mutant, the next level of human evolution, and has fantastic powers. All she wants is a normal life with trips to the mall to get away from her parents, but when the mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels come after her, that normal life is pushed out of her reach! Discover the X-Men—mutant heroes hated and feared by a world they’re sworn to protect—alongside Jubilee in this classic manga series releasing Fall 2024."

Below you can see the full (provisional) cover for X-Men, Vol. 1:

X-Men manga provisional cover
Image credit: VIZ Media/Marvel

According to, the manga is currently set to release in paperback format on November 12, 2024.

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