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Marvel celebrates the winner (and the losers) in third annual X-Men Vote with their own series

There's other comics about the winners, but this comic is about the losers. People voted for them too, right?

Image credit: Marvel

Voting for this year's latest member of the X-Men closed all the way back in February, and the winner will get their flowers... but what about the losers?/p>

Marvel has carved out a place for their story - as a storyline in Marvel Unlimited launching this August with X-Men Unlimited #100.

Announced at the Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con 2023, X-Men Unlimited #100 is a Marvel Unlimited exclusive, and is primarily concerned with the Krakoan citizens who didn't win the vote. Marvel's offical plot synopsis puts it like this:

"The aftermath to this year’s Hellfire Gala! Who won? Who lost? And who is even left standing? See the Hellfire Gala from the perspective of the candidates who lost the annual X-Men Vote. But trust us: those aren’t the only losses of the night…"

Along with the comic's reveal, the Women of Marvel panel announced the creative team that'll be handling this story of ex-candidate X-Candidates. On writing duties will be the team of Steve Foxe and Stephanie Williams, on art will be Noemi Vettori, and on colors will be Pete Pantazis.

The team will be together for six issues, which will complete the run starting here.

And yes, the arc does start here, despite the comic being labelled #100. X-Men continuity, am I right?

X-Men Unlimited #100 comes to Marvel Unlimited August 14.

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