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Spy x Family season 3 release date: The Forgers are finally coming back to Crunchyroll - but when? Our best guess

A third season is finally back in production.

Anya pulling her 'heh' face, which is a mischievous slight smile, in the popular anime series Spy x Family.
Image credit: Popverse/Crunchyroll

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The second season of Spy x Family ended late in 2023, but not even a remarkably well-balanced film has been enough to tide fans over. Forger Fanatics have been keen for word on when the mismatched family unit would return to our screens and we finally have some sort of answer. Spy x Family season three is now officially in production from studios Wit and Cloverworks, but when will it finally be released?

Spy x Family season 3 announcement image
Image credit: Spy x Family Official X/Twitter account

Season two featured one of the most exciting action sequences since the epic tennis match of season one as Yor took on a cruise ship filled with assassins. Fortunately, there is still plenty of material in the manga for the anime to adapt, so we’re all incredibly excited to see what happens next. However, there is still no official release date for Spy x Family season three.

We do, however, have official confirmation that Spy x Family season three is on its way thanks to an announcement on the anime’s official social media account. The announcement also came with a key visual that featured Anya and Bond, the Forger’s super-intelligent dog who can see the future, curled up and sleeping together on the floor. What we haven’t gotten is a release window for the new season, meaning it will probably be either January or April 2025 before we get more Spy x Family episodes to watch.

There are plenty of reasons to love Spy x Family and the wonderful relationship between this supposedly fake family is an important one. The anime mixes action, comedy, and wholesome moments better than just about anyone and we can’t wait to see more.

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