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Star Wars Celebration will be skipping 2024

The event will skip 2024 entirely before returning in 2025

Star Wars Celebration 2022 Saturday cosplay
Image credit: Kevin Rich (Ticking Clock)
Here in the final minutes of Star Wars Celebration 2023 Europe, we have news of the next one: and it's not for two years.

The news that Celebration will not take place in 2024 was revealed on the official Star Wars website earlier in 2023, in a post looking forward to the April event in London. (Note: Star Wars Celebration is organized for Lucasfilm by ReedPop, which owns Popverse.)

Star Wars Celebration will return April 18 through 20, 2025 eminating from Japan. For more details, we have all the Star Wars Celebration 2025 guide here.

That the event is skipping a 2024 event might not come as a surprise to long time fans; Star Wars Celebration has never officially been an annual event. Although this year’s Celebration Europe comes 11 months after 2022’s Anaheim event, the previous SWC was in 2019, and before that, 2017. The lack of Star Wars Celebration in 2024 does free up both attention and dollars for Disney and Star Wars fans looking to attend the next D23 Expo, which is scheduled to take place at some point that year, following its bi-annual schedule and skipping 2023. Whether this means that Star Wars Celebration and D23 Expo will settle into a new schedule of alternating years is unclear at this point.

If you want to catch up on all of Star Wars before heading over to London in April, check out Popverse's Star Wars watch guide.

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