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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures returns for a second season on WEBTOON

The DC/WEBTOON collaboration begins anew on Wednesday

Panel featuring Vixen and Robin swinging through the sky
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Good news for fans of the interpersonal drama behind the cowls of Gotham City’s leading crimefighters: DC and WEBTOON’s fan-favorite webcomic Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is returning for a second season, starting September 28.

“The reader response to the first season of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures was beyond our expectations,” David Lee, VP of Content at WEBTOON, said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “It not only brought Bat-family fans to WEBTOON, but also introduced new fans on WEBTOON to this legendary cast of characters in the Batman mythos. It has been a smash success and we can’t wait for readers to experience the new adventures in store for the Wayne family this season.”

The first season of the series was nominated in the Best Webcomic category for this year’s Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards — it lost out to Lore Olympus, another comic published by WEBTOON — in addition to being immediately accepted and adored by existing and new fans. It also proved to be an anchor for a number of further WEBTOON/DC projects, including Vixen: NYC, Zatanna & The Ripper, and Red Hood: Outlaws.

As with the first season, the core creators on Batman: Wayne Family Adventures are writer CRC Payne and lead artist StarBite; also contributing are storyboard artists Maria Li and Geoniya Acuna, background artists Lan Ma and Suzi Blake, colorist C.M. Cameron, and letterer Kielamel Sibal.

The partnership between the WEBTOON and DC is a mutually beneficial one, bringing DC’s existing older fanbase to the traditionally younger-skewing WEBTOON platform, while introducing DC’s existing character base to a whole new audience in the process. The two companies will be talking about their relationship at New York Comic Con, courtesy of Thursday afternoon’s WEBTOON + DC: Building a New Generation of Fans and Heroes panel (which Popverse will be liveblogging).

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures begins Wednesday, and runs weekly from that point onwards.

DC isn’t the only print publisher that WEBTOON is working with, and Popverse has taken a look at what Marvel is up to in that arena, as well as in terms of digital comics more broadly.

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