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Bridgerton's Lady Featherington is debuting a new style in season 3 - and a look to "make her look like a painting," according to the costume designer

Polly Walker's Bridgerton character is stepping up with the times for season 3

Polly Walker as Lady Portia Featherington in episode 301 of Bridgerton
Image credit: Liam Daniel (Netflix)

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The fashion of Netflix's Bridgerton has always been one of its most compelling features, but ahead of season 3 this month, we asked the show's costume designer John Glazer if there's any particular costuming details that stands out the most for him - and he quickly centered on Polly Walker's Lady Portia Featherington.

"There’s actually quite a lot, but on Lady Featherington, if you look at her closely, it’s the first time that she’s ever worn a Spencer," Glaser tells Popverse's Gavia Baker-Whitelaw. "[It's] the first season that she’s ever worn a jacket with her dresses."

A Spencer is a fitted jacket without tails (more on that in a bit) that came into fashion in the late 1700s and blossomed in the early 1800s, and was said to have originally been created for George John Spencer (the 2nd Earl Spencer) after the tails on a coat of his were burned by a fire. It first came to be known in British military officer outfits, then quickly was taken up in women's fashion during the Regency style period.

But that's not all new with Lady Featherington in Bridgerton season 3. She's also becoming like a painting... and I don't mean sitting for one.

"Truly, we’ve actually talked about paintings and flower gardens. Even though she’s in dark colors, we’ve really tried to make her look like a painting," Glaser explains. "Her Spencers and her dresses are sometimes painted, sometimes embellished to look like paintings. There's one dress that is actually a white fabric but painted with roses on it. We’ve made 3D roses that match. Because she’s not part of the younger group, we were able to take that idea pretty far."

Bridgerton season 3, part 1, debuts May 16 on Netflix. Read our full intervriew with Bridgerton costume designer John Glaser here.

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