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Dear gentle viewer, here is how to watch Bridgerton in order

Return to the Ton - Bridgerton, now that season 3 finale is out!

Welcome back to the 'Ton: the Bridgerton. With season 3 part 2 of Netflix's hit modernist period piece out now, we know sometimes the best way to go forward is to go back - and watch (or re-watch) all the Bridgerton series. But key thing is - don't forget the prequel!

We'll dispense with any Lady Whistledown cliches and leave those characters to the TV shows and the books they're based, and get right to it.

How to watch all of Bridgerton in release order

Image credit: Shondaland/Netflix

Bridgerton might seem like a surprise hit that came out of nowhere, but it is based on a series of prose novels and the track record of mega-successful TV producer/writer/director Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy). But like the world of Bridgerton itself, the show has created a unique bubble for itself that most all of us want to visit (and in some cases stay).

For the ideal method of watching Bridgerton, we recommend taking in the series as Shonda Rhimes and the other creators of the show intended - in the order of release, even if that means waiting to watch the prequel until after seasons 1 and 2.

Here's how to watch Bridgerton:

  • Bridgerton, season 1 (2020)
  • Bridgerton, season 2 (2022)
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, season 1 (2023)
  • Briderton, season 3 part 1 (2024)
  • Bridgerton, season 3 part 2 (2024)
  • Bridgerton, season 4 (To be announced)

How to watch the best of Bridgerton

Image credit: Shondaland/Netflix

Never let it be said that watching the best isn't the best way to watch. Be it due to time constraints or attention span, or heaven forbid you're prepping to rewatch the whole thing but want to stick to the highlights, we've chosen the essentials for you to hop, skip, and jump your way across the Ton to catch the essential story bits as well as the best moments of the series.

  • 'Diamond of the First Water' Bridgerton, season 1 episode 1
  • 'Art of the Swoon' Bridgerton, season 1 episode 3
  • 'A Bee In Your Bonnet' Bridgerton, season 2 episode 3
  • 'The Viscount Who Loved Me' Bridgerton, season 2 episode 8
  • 'Queen To Be' Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, season 1 episode 1
  • 'Gardens in Bloom' Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, season 1 episode 5
  • 'Crown Jewels' Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, season 1 episode 6
  • 'Out of the Shadows' Bridgerton, season 3 episode 1
  • 'Old Friends' Bridgerton, season 3 episode 4
  • 'Into the Light', Bridgerton, season 3 episode 8

Where is Bridgerton streaming?

As a true Netflix original, Bridgerton is exclusively available on Netflix. Netflix has treated this show like a crown jewel, preventing it from being on any other streaming service or even allowing a home video release as a DVD or Blu-Ray.

Do I need to watch the Bridgerton prequel Queen Charlotte before the main series?

Image credit: Shondaland/Netflix

Heavens forbid, no. You do not need to watch Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton, nor should you. Because while Queen Charlotte is set roughly 30 years before the main series - it contains key scenes set in the main show's timelinethat would spoil some of the events of the main series - including when certain key individuals find out the mystery of who Lady Whistledown is.

It is best, unless you are fully prepared with a mental corset to rein in your spoiler radar, to finish Bridgerton seasons 1 and 2 before Queen Charlotte.

When is Bridgerton season 3 coming out?

Good news! Bridgerton season 2 is availabe now exclusive on Netflix.

Will there be a Bridgerton season 4?

Yes. Netflix loved Bridgerton season 2 so much they simultaneously ordered both a third and fourth season of Bridgerton, although the latter has no release date as of yet.

What is the storyline of Bridgerton?

Image credit: Shondaland/Netflix

Broadly speaking, the Bridgerton series follows the Bridgerton family as they engage in Regency era London amidst the social mores, romances, scandals, and other significant (and not so significant) trifles of that time - buoyed by the accoutrements of modern-day sensibilities when it comes to the music, personalities, and frankly less racist modern sensibilities.

What is the difference between Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte?

Image credit: Shondaland/Netflix

The main Bridgerton show primarily follows the Bridgerton family while in the royal court of a mature Queen Charlotte, while the matriach's prequel series primarily follows her origin about how she married into the British Royal family - while still contining some flashfoward scenes involving the older Charlotte and other characters from the Bridgerton series itself.

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