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Bridgerton season 3 release date: When the Penelope and Colin romance will finally bear fruit

We love the costumes almost as much as we love the sweet, sweet angst.

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The long wait for Bridgerton to return for season three on Netflix is finally almost over and the prospect has got us all aflutter. The show has become the finest purveyor of racy regency romance in television and we can’t wait to get more. How much longer do we have until the Bridgerton season three release date? Not very long at all.

After the second season of Bridgerton became one of Netflix’s most-watched shows ever, the streamer was quick to renew the show for both a third and fourth season. We don’t know yet when we’ll see season four, but we know that the third season will arrive in two parts. The first half of Bridgerton season three will air on May 16, 2024, while part two will land a month later on June 16, 2024.

We don’t know yet how many episodes will be in each part. Bridgerton season three has eight episodes total, so they might be split evenly between the May and June release dates or they might be weighted more toward the first half of the season. It depends on if the season's big reveal or cliffhanger of the season is at episode four or six.

What we do know, though, is that season three of Bridgerton will be based on book four of Julia Quinn’s series, which focuses heavily on the relationship between Penelope and Colin. After two seasons of going back and forth, the two might finally get together and be the power couple we always knew they could be.

Whether its the bane of your existense or the object of all your desires (or both), Bridgerton is back. And as we prepare to once again promenade on the Ton, we come bearing gifts: a guide to how to watch all of Bridgerton (and the spinoff), as well as some recommended reads for all Bridgerton fans.

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