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Why Matthew Macfadyen's role in Deadpool & Wolverine was inevitable after Loki

The TVA family is complete now.

Matthew Macfadyen in Deadpool & Wolverine
Image credit: Marvel Studios

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Matthew Macfadyen is a two-time Primetime Emmy winner for his role of Tom Wambsgans in Succession, so him joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool & Wolverine was a big deal, but who is he really playing?

After carefully examining the teaser trailer's many teases and surprises, it's abundantly clear the Deadpool threequel will be full of deep cuts for comic book readers, packing references to Secret Wars (2015), Wolverine: Patch (2022), and potentially even the Lady Deadpool stories. However, one of the preview's biggest mysteries for casual viewers is in plain sight: What's Macfadyen's role in all this besides delivering tons of exposition to Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson?

Macfadyen is credited in the movie's cast as Paradox, a TVA agent of similar rank to Loki's Agent Mobius (played by Owen Wilson). In the comics, Mr. Paradox's presence isn't major. He has a small role alongside Mobius and Ouroboros (played in the MCU by Ke Huy Quan) during She-Hulk's trial in She-Hulk Vol. 2 #3. He's a judge alongside the two other TVA members we already know and love, and is later killed alongside Ouroboros by villain Clockwise. The funniest part about his comic book appearance is that he looks exactly the same as Mobius and Ouroboros because of the TVA's use of clones in the comics.

TVA judges
Image credit: Marvel

Since Mobius and Ouroboros had already appeared in the MCU as far more compelling characters, it was only a matter of time (no pun intended) before Paradox joined his colleagues and received more of a personality. Whether he'll be a major figure throughout Deadpool & Wolverine or will simply push the titular character in the right direction (maybe hunting down Cassandra Nova) remains to be seen.

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