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Will Deadpool & Wolverine be rated R like its predecessors?

Disney and Marvel Studios seem to be committing to the bit.

Deadpool & Wolverine - Wade Wilson at the TVA
Image credit: Marvel Studios

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Going into the third installment of the Deadpool movie series, releasing on July 26, 2024, and definitely titled Deadpool & Wolverine, many fans and casual viewers are wondering if Disney will retain the hard R the character and his past live-action adventures are known for. Here's the answer.

What rating is planned for Deadpool & Wolverine?

While the just-released teaser trailer explicitly states the "film is not yet rated" at the very end (which is normal considering it's just finished shooting), the footage features a handful some adult jokes and a fair amount of bloody kills, so it definitely doesn't seem like Disney and Marvel Studios are watering the third installment down.

Since the very first moment it was announced a third Deadpool movie would happen under the Marvel Studios banner, it was logical to question whether the studio would finally venture into the realm of more brutal action and mature comedy. After all, it's just a matter of marketing the project correctly, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has built its reputation as a movie/TV franchise for the whole family.

Worry not, as director Shawn Levy confirmed on September 2023 he hadn't messed "with the DNA of the franchise" and that the movie was as "raw" and "audacious" as the first two. In fact, Marvel honcho Kevin Feige had already said earlier in the year the idea was very much to deliver the studio's first R-rated movie.

Will Deadpool & Wolverine be Marvel Studios' only R-rated movie?

Another big new bet in Marvel Studios' road plan for the MCU is the upcoming Blade reboot, which is a tricky one to get 100% right, and that includes the age rating. So, will the Mahershala Ali-led project also contain plenty of blood? According to director Yann Demange, the R is locked for his movie too.

These developments don't exactly come as a surprise, as every major Marvel Studios figure has been teasing for a while the studio is trying to explore new tones and styles for many of their upcoming projects. The plans include the creation of the Marvel Spotlight banner, which debuted alongside the Echo series on Disney+ (the studios' first TV-MA show) and will also apply to Daredevil: Born Again.

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