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Emily in Paris season 4 release dates: Netflix's hit romantic comedy returns for a fourth outing this Fall

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There are countless romantic comedies to choose from, but those wanting something with a more European flair have reason to celebrate. Emily in Paris season four is coming in 2024 to Netflix, with its ten episodes split into two batches. If you can’t wait for more Parisian romance in your life, here are the Emily in Paris season four release dates to mark in your calendars.

Netflix has announced that the latest season of Emily in Paris will be released in two batches. The first half of season four will air on August 15, 2024 and the second half will air on September 12, 2024. Both batches will have five episodes, bringing the total episode count for Emily in Paris to 40.

Season four of Emily in Paris picks up in the aftermath of Camille and Gabriel’s wedding, which didn’t exactly go to plan. Emily finds herself in love with two men, and, if that wasn’t complicated enough, Gabriel is expecting a baby with his ex and Alfie knows about Emily and Gabriel’s messy past. Mix in Sylvie’s workplace drama and a Eurovision storyline with Mindy and her band and you have exactly the kind of storylines that have made the first three seasons of the show such a huge hit for Netflix and we’re excited to see them continue into season four.

Emily in Paris season four will be released in two batches on Netflix. The first will air on August 15, 2024 and the second will air on September 12, 2024.

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