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Five Nights at Freddy's gets sweeter with brand new movie tie-in cookie

Fans will enjoy more than five bites at Freddy's new cookie pizza (Yes, I'm sorry for the pun too)

FNAF Cookie Pizza
Image credit: Insomnia Cookies

Sure, Freddy Fazbear has a brand to maintain, and that brand is killer animatronics — no, wait, I mean, delicious pizzas. Neither man nor possessed robotic bear can live on pizza alone, which makes the news that Insomnia Cookies has announced a tie-in cookie for the upcoming Five Night’s at Freddy’s movie all the more logical… especially when you learn that it’s actually a cookie pizza, because of course it is.

The official announcement from Insomnia Cookies runs as follows: “Insomnia Cookies, the beloved cult brand known for serving warm, delicious cookies all day and late into the night, is partnering with Freddy Fazbear to deliver a scary-delicious treat in celebration of the new movie, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The exclusive Freddy Fazbear’s Cookie Pizza is a Classic flavor crust, a Classic flavor topping, and a choice of icing, a drizzle, and an additional candy topping that’s slashed into 8 slices and served in a terrifying limited-edition Five Nights at Freddy's box sleeve.”

That sound you hear is a lot of very excited FNAF fans realizing that they can get real Freddy Fazbear pizza boxes. The official description of the cookie begins “prepare yourself for an unspeakable nightmare,” which is surely not the best way to describe any food stuff, really. But what do I know?

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is in theaters and streaming on Peacock October 27. Insomnia’s Five Nights at Freddy’s promotion runs through October 31 — fittingly — and is available in-store, for local delivery, and shipping throughout the U.S. Just don’t eat too many, or you’ll end up looking like a balloon boy.

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