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Chuck E. Cheese is tempting fate with a Five Nights at Freddy's parody event

Terrifying animatronics are included in the cost of admission.

Chuck E. Cheese
Image credit: Chuck E. Cheese

Time, it seems, is a perfect circle. At least, it is as far as marketing is concerned. With the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie just a few weeks away, one of the major inspirations behind the franchise is going to cash in on the fun. That’s right – Chuck E. Cheese is hosting a Five Nights at Freddy’s parody event titled Five Nights of Fun and you’re all invited.

Three of the animatronic creatures from Five Nights at Freddy's
Image credit: Blumhouse Productions
A Five Nights at Freddy's parody poster from Chuck E. Cheese.
Image credit: Chuck E. Cheese

Personally, we think that using a film about murderous animatronic cartoon robots to promote an establishment that is famous for its own (probably not murderous) animatronic cartoon robots is tempting fate, but the team behind Chuck E. Cheese clearly likes to live dangerously. They’re hosting Five Nights of Fun from October 9-13, giving freebies and extra spooky prizes to their loyalty club members.

To drive home the creepy factor, the grand finale of Five Nights of Fun will see some loyalty club members invited to a special “late-over” kids-only party at Chuck E. Cheese. This private party for up to ten kids will take place on October 27 – the same day that Five Nights at Freddy’s premieres in the US.

The entire promotion, straight down to the parody poster, is equal parts brilliant and terrifying. We have to applaud the company for seeing an opportunity and seizing it, but we honestly can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be less than a Chuck E. Cheese at midnight.

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