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Five Nights at Freddy's is Peacock's biggest hit ever - so much so that people are joining just to watch

It has had the best opening five days in the site's history.

Four of the animatronic monsters from Five Nights at Freddy's
Image credit: Universal Pictures

It’s been a big year for horror. Sequels like Saw X and Scream VI were dominant while films like M3GAN proved that there is still hunger for new franchises, but it is Five Nights at Freddy’s that has taken the Halloween crown, becoming the top US theatrical release and the most streamed title on the Peacock streaming platform and is even bringing in a host of new subscribers.

We’re not entirely surprised that the rabid Five Nights at Freddy’s fanbase has driven it to success, but the extent to which people have been watching it is surprising. Peacock has revealed that the film has had the biggest five-day streaming run of any of its shows and has converted large numbers of fans to Peacock subscribers. Of course, Peacock’s subscriber numbers are far lower than Netflix or Disney+ and Peacock hasn’t released more quantitative data to show exactly how many people have seen the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie so far, but this does mean it has outperformed the underwhelming Frasier reboot, at least.

The fact that Five Nights at Freddy’s has pulled in $80 million in its domestic opening week is remarkable considering how many people seem to be content with watching it in the comfort of their own home. Having a release date just before Halloween seems to have helped the film avoid the box office slump that has plagued so many Hollywood releases since the Actors’ Strike began earlier this year, though it helps when other companies are willing to do your marketing for you.

Positive fan reception could help the movie maintain momentum throughout its theatrical release and potentially overtake Scream VI ($108.2 million) as the highest-grossing horror film in the US this year. However, it has already proven to be a big win for Peacock and will likely earn a handful of sequels at this rate.

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