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Ghosts Poll: Who is your favorite ghost from CBS's Ghosts?

Trevor and Hetty and Isaac, oh my!

Still from Ghosts featuring Isaac
Image credit: CBS

There are so many ghosts in the television sitcom Ghosts - I mean, that's the point, isn't it? - but there are only eight in our main crew. There's jealous Isaac, lovable Pete, ditzy Flower, aggressive Thor, flamboyant Alberta, bro-y Trevor, snooty Hetty, and cynical Sass. But... who is your favorite ghost from the CBS version of Ghosts?

That's what we here at Popverse want to know ahead of the highly anticipated (by us and by you, we expect) third season of the show. So vote below and (as always) feel free to defend you choice in the comments. We always love to hear from you.

Ghosts has become a phenomenon in the UK, America, and around the world. With CBS's third season of Ghosts underway, get to know your favorite apparitions with a guide to how the ghosts of Ghosts died, where to watch both Ghosts shows, a guide to the casts of Ghosts, why BBC's Ghosts ended, and learn about the other Ghosts the original show planned but never used. We even have some thoughts on why the American Ghosts has its own worthy charms.

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Tiffany Babb: Tiffany Babb is a professional lurker (aka critic) who once served as Popverse’s deputy editor and resident Sondheim enthusiast.


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