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Hocus Pocus, Haunted Mansion, and Totally Killer top Halloween streaming numbers this year

Five Nights at Freddy's makes a surprise entry on the list.

Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus
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Another Halloween has come and gone, giving us a mountain of leftover candy to get through and plenty of new scary movies to watch. Every year, horror movies get a huge boost in streaming numbers at the end of October as we settle in for a harmless fright in the safety of our own homes. This year, there are a few surprises on the list of top horror films of the Halloween season.

Samba TV, which offers analytics and streaming numbers across multiple platforms, released what their analysis showed were the most viewed horror films during the weeks leading up to Halloween and shared that information with Forbes. The results reveal that people still gravitate toward familiar classics, though there were plenty of new spooky movies to keep things fresh.

  1. Hocus Pocus – Disney+ (2.4 million household views)
  2. Haunted Mansion – Disney+ (1.8 million household views)
  3. Totally Killer – Amazon Prime (655,000 household views)
  4. Hocus Pocus 2 – Disney+ (624,000 household views)
  5. Pet Sematary: BloodlinesParamount+ (512,000 household views)
  6. Five Nights at Freddy’s – Peacock (449,000 household and theatrical views)
  7. Halloween – Video on Demand (448,000 household views)
  8. The Mill – Hulu (264,000 household views)
  9. Evil Dead Rise – Max (150,000 household views)
  10. Barbarian – Max (no figures given)
  11. Us – Netflix (no figures given)

There are a couple of things to take away from these numbers. It is interesting to see Haunted Mansion on this list, given that it was one of the big box office flops of 2023. Five Nights at Freddy’s has done well to make the list – it was released just a few days before Halloween and didn’t have as much time to accumulate views.

Totally Killer, the time-traveling slasher film, made it to the top five with the help of a very creepy mask and a healthy dose of 80s nostalgia. Seven of the top eleven Halloween movies were either classics, sequels, or remakes of existing movies, showing that people still gravitate toward what they know. Overall, it looks like Disney+ was the big winner this Halloween, with three of the top five streamed films, more than any other platform.

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