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Netflix & Mark Millar break ties with Image Comics and finds new home for Kingsman, Kick-Ass, and more

A new age for the Millarworld.

Image credit: Dark Horse Comics

Mark Millar, the comic book creator known for Wanted, Jupiter's Legacy, Kick-Ass, Super Crooks, and Kingsman: The Secret Service, among others, has finalized a new alliance with Dark Horse Comics.

Now, the company founded by Mike Richardson will publish Millar's various "creator-owned titles," Forbes has reported. Avid comic book readers know the Millarworld banner and everything it contains, and that it was bought wholesale nabbed by Netflix in August 2017 for around $40 million. While the short-lived Jupiter's Legacy live-action series was slammed by critics, the animated adaptation of Super Crooks fared much better. New Netflix shows and movies based on Millar's works will be linked to Dark Horse Comics as well following this transition.

Millar shared his excitement on Tuesday, December 5: "I’ve loved what Mike and the team have been doing for years and so many of my friends are over there, having a great time. I really just wanted to join the party and not only haul my massive, shelf-groaning library with me, but also commit to several years of really exciting stuff in the wake of our Big Game crossover event."

This massive new collaboration includes five new titles slated to arrive during 2024, though further details aren't coming our way until the spring. We know, however, that one of the series is Nemesis: Rogues' Gallery (drawn by artist Valerio Giangiordano), which "will continue the blood-soaked saga of Millar and Steve McNiven's felonious, ultra-violent riff on the Batman archetype." So no, you won't have to wait much longer to see what's coming next from the legendary author. Moreover, Millar teased he's "working hard on the 2025 launches right now," and that includes completely new series. It appears that sky is the limit, and on top of everything, he's said he wants to return to Marvel and DC in the near future.

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