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Follow along to BBC & Netflix's A Good Girl's Guide to Murder official panel from London's MCM Comic Con!

Wednesday co-star Emma Myers steps into her own with a highly-anticipated adaption of the crime drama A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
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Holly Jackson's hit prose series A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is finally being imagined in real life with a live-action TV series debuting later this year - and the cast and crew, including Jackson herself, came to London's MCM Comic Con to talk all about it. And if you couldn't make it, we were there giving you the full play-by-play!

Go behind-the-scenes of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder with this exclusive panel featuring series star Emma Myers (Wednesday) and co-stars Zain Iqbal, Asha Banks, and Dolly Wells, along with the series creator & author Holly Jackson. BBC Three will be debuting the series July1, and Netflix has already lined up to stream the series to everyone not in the UK.

The other star of Netflix's hit series Wednesday, Emma Myers, is stepping out on her own with the BBC/Netflix adaptation of a Good Girl's Guide to Murder. Read on for details about the show's cast, release date, and a play-by-play of the show's official panel from London's MCM Comic Con, and coming soon you can watch the full panel for free.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

We're just getting set up for the Good Girl's Guide to Murder panel here at MCM London and we're just DYING to get started.
The Good Girl's Guide to Murder panel is due to start aaaaaaaany second so if you're still making your way here, walk (but don't run) quickly!
The crowd is genuinely - and I say this as someone who has been to many comic cons - so very excited for this panel.
Trailer debut! Gotta be in this room to see it but it is sick!
July 1! WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE! Is that the first time we've had that info? I think so!
Actor introductions are happening. Zain has a lot of love in the room.
Moderator is saying that he has seen the first episode already. Rubbing salt in the wound much.
Holly Jackson on having written this book - "I feel I've peeked too soon."
Holly Jackson says that she expected to sell maybe 200 copies. Sold a few more than that.
First thing Holly Jackson said to Asha Banks was "Oh my God you came out of my brain!"
Holly Jackson says that she structures her books like screenwriting/movies.
Initial conversations about bringing A Good Girl's Guide to Murder becoming a TV show happened around 5 years ago. Long wait for everyone.
Dolly Wells' dog tried to bite Asha Banks during her audition. Harsh critic, that one.
Holly Jackson's advice to young people: Don't try to solve a murder for your EPQ.
Emma Myers says that the fan response to her casting was scary but really positive, especially considering she's the only American on the cast.
Holly is a big video gamer, it seems. She truly is one of our people. The Last of Us is a favorite.
Another Holly Jackson pasttime - pointing out grammatical errors on signs. Again, very much our people.
Dolly Wells got involved in directing A Good Girl's Guide to Murder because it felt like a story she really wanted to tell, so she threw her hat into the ring.
Zain tried to bring a certain level of vulnerability to Ravvi. Wanted to make him a "Modern man" and be able to open up to Pip.
Holly Jackson says that Zain brings the perfect "golden retriever" energy to Ravvi.

Zain: I'm actually quite an awkward person.

Asha: Shut up.

So much love in this cast. We love the banter.

Zain explains that, because this is his first major role, getting the phone call was very emotional. "I was literally crying. Called my mum. Called my friend. It was all thanks to Dolly. She fought for me."

Dolly replies "I will never let you forget that."

General consensus between the cast and crew was that the chemistry read was very fun.
Zain: "Pip wears the pants" in their character's relationship.
There is absolutely so much love between the casts. They feel very friendly with each other which is lovely to see.
Moderator keeps saying he has seen the first episode yet again. Won't stop that humble brag.
Asha says that the connection between her and Emma clicked almost immediately.
Emma on playing the lead character: I remember getting an email asking to meet with Dolly to see how things worked out. They were like "By the way you have to do a British accent" and I was like "So this isn't going to happen."
Emma: It was so nice to be seen past my character in Wednesday. Enid is so "lalala" out there and Pip is very grounded.
Lots of pressure on Emma to do the British accent for everyone on stage.
Emma's phrase to slip into the English accent. "She's only little!" Came from one of the camping scenes. Emma was out in the cold with loads of thermals and everyone was making fun of her for it.
Emma hopes that her version of Pip is close to Holly's version. They only had two weeks of prep. Getting to read the book and the script at the same time. Biggest help was having a great casting director.
Emma: "I would read the scene in the script and then read the same scene in the book. I tried to grapple the differences between them."
Emma worked so hard between scenes. Holly Jackson explains that sometimes she needed "a little power nap" because she was going so hard.
Holly Jackson about Emma: She's got magical eyeballs. There are universes inside Emma's eyeballs.
They used some of Emma's clothes for the show because her style is so similar to Pips.
Holly Jackson feels that writing YA thrillers is harder to write than writing for adults. YA readers will dig into the details. They will tab it and refer back to it.
Holly Jackson: All of us are a bit of Pip and Ravi inside.
Moving on to fan questions now!
Holly Jackson learned through the process that she is a bit of a control freak and has trouble letting go. She was very insistant that they have a woman director. She stuck her nose into the production "wherever she bloody well" could.
Drama! Holly's second cameo in episode three was cut!
Top tip: Look for Holly Jackson in small cameos in episodes four and three.
If she could play any other role, Emma would want to play Sal.
Zain's favorite part of being on set was seeing everything come to life. The costumes and sets and everything else.
Moderator: Do you thrive in front of the camera? Zain: I try not to think about it.
Emma: Some of the most fun scenes I've ever filmed were on this show.
Holly says that the series is "very faithful" to the books. "I would love to make the second and third books, but that relies on everyone binging the show all week when it comes out."
And that's it for the A Good Girl's Guide to Murder panel! Some really great moments here and we are STOKED to see the show come out on July 1!
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