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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder cast: Everyone joining the murder mystery when it lands on BBC and Netflix

Those high school days can be murder.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder cast
Image credit: Netflix

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High school can be a dangerous place, but most of us don’t have to deal with an actual murder in the halls. Those in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder cast have got to balance their usual coursework with their investigation into the murder of a student at their school five years earlier. The cast of the upcoming murder mystery includes some familiar faces for fans of Netflix’s Wednesday series.

Emma Myers, who plays werewolf and general bundle of sunshine Enid Sinclair in Wednesday, stars in A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder as Pip Fitz-Amobi. For her senior project in high school, Pip is investigating the murder of a local girl that she feels didn’t get the attention it needed. Did the killer really kill himself shortly after? Is there still a murderer walking the halls of her high school? Will she get her report done in time for Finals Week?

Joining Myers in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder cast is:

  • Emma Myers as Pip Fitz-Amobi
  • Zain Iqbal as Ravi Singh
  • India Lillie Davies as Andie Bell
  • Rahul Pattni as Sal Singh
  • Asha Banks as Cara Ward
  • Yali Topol Margalith as Lauren Gibson
  • Jude Morgan-Collie as Connor Reynolds
  • Raiko Gohara as Zach Chen
  • Georgia Arron as Emma Hutton
  • Jessica Webber as Nat da Silva
  • Henry Ashton as Max Hastings
  • Carla Woodcock as Becca Bell
  • Yasmin Al-Khudhairi as Naomi Ward
  • Mathew Baynton as Elliot Ward
  • Kitty Anderson as Young Pip
  • Anna Maxwell Martin as Leanne Amobi
  • Orla Hill as Ruby Foxcroft
  • Gary Beadle as Victor Amobi
  • Mitu Panicucci as Stella Chapman
  • Annabel Mullion as Rosie Hastings
  • Adam Astill as Toby Hastings
  • Matthew Khan as Dylan
  • Matt Chambers as Jason Bell
  • Ephraim O.P. Sampson as Jake Lawrence
  • Jackson Bews as Daniel da Silva

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder will debut on BBC iPlayer July 1 in the UK before landing on Netflix in the US sometime later in the year.

The other star of Netflix's hit series Wednesday, Emma Myers, is stepping out on her own with the BBC/Netflix adaptation of a Good Girl's Guide to Murder. Read on for details about the show's cast, release date, and a play-by-play of the show's official panel from London's MCM Comic Con, and coming soon you can watch the full panel for free.

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