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Netflix's Wednesday co-star Emma Myers leads her own Netflix murder mystery as A Good Girl's Guide to Murder debuts this summer

The number of bodies appearing around the young actress is a bit alarming.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
Image credit: Moonage Pictures/BBC

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The past few years have been a busy time for Emma Myers. In 2022, she had her breakthrough role as Enid Sinclair, the late-blooming werewolf bundle-of-sunshine who found herself roommates with Wednesday Addams. Now, not only is she gearing up for the second season of Wednesday at Netflix, but she’s got a murder mystery of her own as the star of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Emma Myers plays Pip Fitz-Amobi in the upcoming series based on Holly Jackson’s Young Adult mystery novel of the same name. Pip is a teenage girl in a school setting who is helping to uncover the truth behind a murder among the students. This isn’t to be confused with her role on Wednesday, where Myers plays a teenage girl in a school setting who is helping to uncover the truth behind a murder among the students.

We kid, of course! It is entirely too early to say that Emma Myers is getting typecast in murder mystery roles, especially when the part of Pip is likely to be a much more serious and grounded role than the bubbly werewolf that she played in Wednesday. “Whether you’ve read the book or not,” Myers told Netflix, who will be streaming the show in the US sometime after it debuts in the UK on July 1. “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is an experience all around. I think people are really going to like it.”

Things might get even busier for Myers if she’s not careful. Wednesday is currently filming its second season – with a whole host of new names joining the cast – while the next two books in Holly Jackson’s series are ripe for adaptation if A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a success. As busy as the young actress has been, she’s looking like she’s going to stay that way for a while yet. There are certainly worse problems to have.

The other star of Netflix's hit series Wednesday, Emma Myers, is stepping out on her own with the BBC/Netflix adaptation of a Good Girl's Guide to Murder. Read on for details about the show's cast, release date, and a play-by-play of the show's official panel from London's MCM Comic Con, and coming soon you can watch the full panel for free.

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