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Star Trek Discovery's season 2 finale was the most "memorable" episode for show's primary director, but "almost didn't exist"

The two-part Star Trek: Discovery season 2 finale was originally much much shorter.

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As Star Trek: Discovery prepares for its final episode, key cast & crew came to London's MCM Comic Con to talk about the end and everything before, and one of the episodes which became a central focus was the pivotal season 2 finale, 'Such Sweet Sorrow' - especially now here, five years later.

The two-part finale, airing April 11 and 18, picks up after Discovery runs into the Captain Pike-led Star Trek Enterprise crew (years before Strange New Worlds would debut), and eventually goes through a wormhole into the 32nd century.

"That one that is most memorable was the episode that almost didn't exist until it did," says Olatunde Osunsanmi, who directed the episode.

According to the assembled cast & crew here at MCM Comic Con, the two-part episode was prepped without an actual script yet. According to co-showrunner Michelle Paradise, it wasn't until she sent in the script that it was decided to be a two-episode finale.

You can watch the full Star Trek: Discovery finale panel filmed at London's MCM Comic Con beginning May 31 for free here on

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