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Love Marvel? Love cats? You'll love news they're publishing more of Marvel Meo by Nao Fuji

Marvel's latest news is the cat-lover's meow.

Women of Marvel panel 2023
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel announcements are piling up at San Diego Comic Con 2023, especially at the Women of Marvel panel. Among the many exciting reports for superhero fans is one that will stick out to lovers of pets, specifically the feline variety. Nao Fuji is returning to Marvel Unlimted to continue her cat-centric series Marvel Meow.

Despite being the first in a new arc of the adorable addition to Marvel's archive, this latest issue will be #13, continuing from where the last Marvel Mewo left off in August of 2022. Just like before, Fuji will be a one-woman creative team, acting as writer, artist, and colorist for the digital-first book.

Here's what Marvel's official description of the upcoming project had to say:

"The Marvel Universe’s most fearsome foes finally meet their match… cute cats! Black Cat’s cats foil Doctor Octopus’ plans."

Fans of the series won't have to wait the traditional month in between issues of Marvel Meow; the comic will be released weekly. As of this writing, issue #13 will be the first of six in this Black Cat Vs. Doc Ock story. It heads to Marvel Unlimited July 28.

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