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Is Lost's Michael Emerson back to his old tricks in the Fallout series?

In the Wasteland, you can't be too careful

Michael Emerson in Fallout
Image credit: Prime Video

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Great character actors have a way of making you remember them even when they only make a brief appearance. Michael Emerson is one of those actors who, thanks to his time on Lost, is instantly recognizable to many TV fans, but his penchant for playing memorable villains has plenty of people wondering what his character in Amazon’s Fallout series is all about.

Until the show’s ever-changing release date finally arrives and we get a chance to see Michael Emerson’s Fallout character in action, we have to scrape together what has been revealed about Siggi Wilzig in interviews and the trailers for the show. We know that he is one of the first people that Emma Purnell’s Lucy encounters when she leaves the relative safety of Vault 33, which makes him likely to drop plenty of Fallout lore on the audience in the first episode.

The thing that is making fans nervous is Emerson’s penchant for playing memorable villains. In Lost, he played Ben Linus, one of the main antagonists of the show’s early seasons before he became a more morally ambiguous figure. His role in Arrow was shorter but no less villainous, as he played hacker Cayden James in season six. He even provided the voice for Brainiac during season one of My Adventures with Superman, playing one of the most iconic comic book villains of all time.

None of this is to say that Siggi Wilzig is going to turn on poor, trusting Lucy by the end of Fallout’s first season. He could be exactly as Emerson described him in a recent interview – a disenchanted loner with a big heart. We’re not saying that Michael Emerson’s characters can never be trusted, but we will be watching him extra closely, just in case.

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