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DC is reviving Mister Miracle by Tom King & Mitch Gerads for an all new hardcover Absolute edition

This new Mister Miracle edition will go great on your coffee table, right next to the veggie dip Darkseid loves

Absolute Mister Miracle
Image credit: Mitch Gerads (DC)

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We’re breaking down all of DC’s May solicitations, from Superman facing an army of Lobos, Batman and family dealing with more trouble in Gotham, and Wonder Woman’s ongoing war against the forces of Sovereign in the monthly comic releases — to say nothing about the launch of a new Robin series written and drawn by Juni Bathe start of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s final Nightwing story — to new collections including Tom King’s Supergirl with Bilquis Evely and a new collection of Kurt Busiek Superman stories. But one book in particular caught our eye.

Tom King and Mitch Gerads rewrote the book when it came to the DC character Mister Miracle. Created by Jack Kirby as part of his 'Fourth World' saga at DC, the hero had since been relegated to a supporting character (and an occasional star, when the powers-that-be saw fit). But after their 2017 limited series Mister Miracle, it redfined how he was thought of - and helped define that duo's collaboration as well.

Absolute Mister Miracle
Image credit: MItch Gerads (DC)

And now, DC is re-issuing that 12-issue series in its most prestigious format - the hardcover, extra-large Absolute Edition format.

This November, Absolute Mister Miracle will land with a thud on shelves - containg not only the 12 issues itself (and all its covers), but also pages of King's original script, Gerads' concept art, as well as creators' commentaries on the project itself. DC also says Gerads will be illustrating a new cover for this - the one shown here is one DC is sharing is from a previous collection.

Not bad for a series the duo said recently DC forgot about until they had finished three issues.

Collections of Mister Miracle have sold out multiple times for DC, leading to a 'Deluxe' edition in 2020. But now, this new edition is even more deluxe than 'Deluxe'.

Absolute Mister Miracle goes on sale November 12, 2024. If history is an example, you'll want to reserve your copy early to make sure you get yours. If you this story already, consider upgrading to this - and giving your old one away as a gift.

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