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Nightwing prepares to take one final leap with creators Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo

The creative team who've been guiding the title to new heights for three years is leaving the series

Image credit: Bruno Redondo/DC

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Popverse is breaking down all of DC’s May solicitations, from Superman facing an army of Lobos, Batman and family dealing with more trouble in Gotham, and Wonder Woman’s ongoing war against the forces of Sovereign in the monthly comic releases — to say nothing about the launch of a new Robin series written and drawn by Juni Ba — to new collections including Tom King’s Mister Miracle with Mitch Gerads and Supergirl with Bilquis Evely and a new collection of Kurt Busiek Superman stories. It’s not all new beginnings and collected editions of classic material, however: there’s a little bit of sadness to be found in the round-up, with one beloved run entering its final days.

Bad news for fans of DC’s Dick Grayson: Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, the fan-favorite creative team behind the renaissance of Nightwing since 2021, are getting ready to leave the book.

The sad news was revealed in an interview with the creators on DC’s website to promote the beginning of their upcoming final arc on the series, ‘Fallen Grayson.’

“It will make many people sad,” Redondo said of the new five-part storyline, “but it’ll also build. One last ride, full Tom and Bruno. If we are gonna end this (and every long arc needs to find its end), we are gonna make it in a big way.”

The arc is described by the publisher as “the culmination of Heartless’s sabotage on Nightwing” that causes “Nightwing [to lose] his ability to leap, impeding his duties to be the Super Hero we know and love.”

“When Bruno Redondo and I first took on this series,” Taylor explained, “we felt it was the perfect time for a big Nightwing story. We wanted to show the world why Dick Grayson was an A-lister in our eyes. It was the right time for a charming, entertaining, positive force for good pushing back against corruption and greed. It was also time for Dick and Babs to get a puppy.”

While the storyline, that begins with Nightwing #114 in May, will bring the current era of the series to a close — an era that began with #78 of the series back in March 2021 — it will also allow Redondo to do something he’s wanted to do for the last three years. “I was really looking to draw a bearded Nightwing since we started,” he admitted. “Our very last arc on Nightwing gives me that chance.”

Nightwing #114 cover
Image credit: DC

Keep your eyes peeled on Popverse for details on all of DC’s May releases later today.

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