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DC is finally giving Kurt Busiek's Superman comics the special treatment it deserves

DC is giving the fan-favorite Astro City co-creator's Superman comics the special treatment

Superman: Secret Identity
Image credit: Stuart Immonen (DC)

Popverse is breaking down all of DC’s May solicitations, from Superman facing an army of Lobos, Batman and family dealing with more trouble in Gotham, and Wonder Woman’s ongoing war against the forces of Sovereign in the monthly comic releases — to say nothing about the launch of a new Robin series written and drawn by Juni Bathe start of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s final Nightwing story — to new collections including Tom King’s Mister Miracle with Mitch Gerads and Supergirl with Bilquis Evely. Don’t worry, though; the Man of Steel isn’t being ignored in the new round of collected edition announcements. What’s more, his new collection is likely to thrill many longterm fans.

Kurt Busiek is a name people know for his work on the creator-owned classic series Astro City, the pivotal 1990s Marvels series, a redefining run on Avengers (two, if you count JLA/Avengers), and his creation of Marvel Comics' Thunderbolts franchise, which is soon to become a movie. In addition to all of that, however, arguably overshadowed by the tall heights of his other work, is his excellent run on DC's premiere hero, Superman.

Superman by Kurt Busiek Book One
Image credit: Terry Dodson/Rachel Dodson (DC)

But this summer, DC is collecting the writer's various work across 15 years and multiple different comic book series in an author-specific collection titled Superman by Kurt Busiek, Book One.

Scheduled to arrive July 16, Superman by Kurt Busiek will include his foundational alt-universe story Superman: Secret Identity (with Stuart Immonen), as well as his mid-2000s runs on Action Comics, and Superman - and also 1996's Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #5. Even more surprisingly, it also includes his debut work with the character, from 1985's World's Finest Comics #308 and 309.

The collection includes art by Immonen, Pete Woods, Carlos Pacheco, and others. As well as an eight-issue arc co-written by Geoff Johns titled 'Up, Up, and Away.'

Superman by Kurt Busiek is available for pre-order now with an on-sale date of July 16, 2024.

Ambitiously, DC describes this as "a new series of hardcovers", implicitly promising more in the future. (But then, "Book One" was a tease in that direction, already.)

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