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As Madame Web fails to weave a spider web in cinemas, Morbius is about to exit Netflix

Your last chance to embrace 'Morbin' Time' on Netflix.

Morbius (2022)
Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Madame Web might be having a hard time at the box office, but that doesn't mean Sony's Spider-Man-adjacent cinematic universe (without any Spider-Men so far) doesn't have fans. In fact, those devotees might want to catch Morbius on Netflix before he flies away.

The Jared Leto-led disaster (funny memes aside) is one of the many licensed movies leaving Netflix this month. In the case of Morbius, the date you want to jot down, should you want to watch or rewatch it, is February 28. Maybe you genuinely liked the movie (bless your soul) or maybe you just want to finally learn what's up with the 'it's Morbin' time' and 'have sex' memes. Either way, you only have one week left before it leaves the offerings included in your Netflix sub.

February's many new content arrivals and departures are just part of the usual cycle that has allowed Netflix to rise to the top of the streaming charts. On top of the platform's varied and generally strong selection of original movies and shows, they've been aggressively chasing down the temporal rights to include both American and foreign movies and series on the service. This includes massive hits like Sex and the City and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which competitors are licensing out to make quick money on top of their usual operations.

Looking at the poor box office hauls of both Morbius and Madame Web (so far), solo sequels for those Marvel characters under Sony's reign seem very unlikely right now, so it appears that all of that universe's weight is resting on Venom 3 and Kraven the Hunter's shoulders.


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