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Netflix renews moody teen-romance series My Life With the Walter Boys for a second season

We're not saying its Twilight without vampires, but it is definitely Twilight without vampires

My Life With the Walter Boys screenshot
Image credit: Netflix

If you’re looking for more fish-out-of-water romance to grab onto, you’re in luck because My Life With the Walter Boys has been renewed for a second season by Netflix. Hardly surprising considering it amassed nearly 13 million views in its first week, becoming the top show on the streaming service during that time.

In My Life With the Walter Boys, Nikki Rodriguez plays teenage New Yorker Jackie Howard as she moves to rural Colorado after her family dies in a tragic accident. In this simple town, Jackie goes from a high-flying Manhattan life to living with her mother’s best friend, her husband, and their ten kids. Meanwhile, she begins to develop feelings for two of the Walter boys – mysterious and troubled Cole and clean-cut and reliable Alex.

Wait a second – a young woman who moves into a small town only to fall into a love triangle that includes two young men with conflicting backgrounds who are constantly clashing? This is just Twilight without the supernatural elements, which might explain why the show has become so popular so quickly. Where Stephanie Meyers’ series could rely on cool vampire action scenes to break up the teenage angst, My Life With the Walter Boys lives and dies based on how well it delivers on the love-triangle elements. Which, admittedly, it does pretty well.

Netflix is betting that it can stretch that concept out into at least another season. While we know that the series will be returning to the streaming service, the announcement doesn’t include an expected release date or an episode count for the second season.

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