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Naruto partners with a US-based ramen restaurant chain for an experience right out of Hidden Leaf Village

It is the first time a Naruto-themed restaurant has popped up in the US.

Wall art at Silverlake Ramen during Naruto collaboration
Image credit: Pat Kim

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One thing almost every Shonen anime protagonist has in common is their voracious appetite because you can’t save the world through the power of friendship on an empty stomach. Now fans of Naruto can get a taste of the future seventh Hokage’s favorite food thanks to a collaboration with LA-based ramen chain, Silverlake Ramen.

The partnership is the first time that Naruto has officially made his way into American restaurants. Fans who visit Silverlake Ramen locations in California, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, and Texas will be treated to a themed menu that includes a classic pork ramen and a 'Narutomaki Fishcake' along with a choice between a Hidden Leaf Village headband or a unique T-Shirt for the collaboration.

From March 30 to July 7, 2024, all locations will feature artwork and menu items, but if you’re lucky enough to live near the flagship Silverlake Ramen location in LA, you can get isekaied straight into the world of Naruto as they recreate the Ichiraku Ramen restaurant from the anime for an “immersive Naruto experience.” Considering how important that location is to the character – it was often where he retreated to for comfort when things were difficult – this is a great opportunity for Naruto fans to not only get a taste of some great food but to step into one of the most iconic places in anime history.

We still have no idea when the long-awaited Naruto 20th anniversary episodes will air, so this is probably the only new Naruto content we’re going to get in the foreseeable future, making it a must-try for fans around the country. You better believe that we’ll be getting our hands on some of that new merch when we get the chance.

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