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Netflix is rebooting One Piece anime with its own anime TV series to sit alongside the live-action show

A new take on the modern classic.

One Piece anime
Image credit: Fuji TV

If you loved Netflix's live-action One Piece series and were curious about the anime but scared of getting through years worth of episodes, there's a new anime coming our way.

One of the most shocking anime news of 2023 dropped yesterday through Netflix's official channels, teasing a collaboration with WIT Studio (Shingeki no Kyojin, Spy x Family) to create a new animated adaptation of the famous manga by Eiichirō Oda titled The One Piece. You can watch the 'special announcement' teaser below:

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According to Netflix, and unless it becomes something else to subvert our expectations (like Scott Pilgrim Takes Off), this new anime will re-adapt the manga's story, starting with the East Blue arc. For newcomers to the One Piece franchise after season 1 of the live-action series, it's a great opportunity to follow an animated take on the manga. For those who have been loyally following the original anime for years, it could be another recreation of Oda's work worth following if the art style is more striking and new ideas are explored. As far as we know, both animes are set to run at the same time (and potentially forever at this rate). Here's the teaser poster for the new project:

The One Piece teaser poster
Image credit: Netflix

The original anime has often been criticized by a lack of quality control and some tedious chunks versus the manga, so in a way, this is also an attempt to 'fix' many of those recurring issues and come out with a tighter, more polished anime. Very likely, it'll be a while before we see any proper footage of the new series, but it's an exciting new era for One Piece fans everywhere.

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