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Our Flag Means Death season 2 is off to a bizarre, dark, and fun start

No one seems to be where they're supposed to be - yet

Still OFMD image of stede in the rain
Image credit: Max

Anyone who worried that Our Flag Means Death season two would be less weird (or even just the same amount of weird) as season one should put their fears to rest. Max's pirate comedy is back in full force with a stronger voice, look, and more wackiness than it showed off in season 1. All runaway successes should be so lucky.

There's a lot for fans to enjoy in these first few episodes, with lots of drama and humor with the crew separated across two ships. There are also new characters added to the cast, making sure the season doesn't feel too insular. Plus, this season strikes a different tone as the show makes a point to take a look at the more brutal sides of pirate life (though it's mostly played for laughs).

However, as the season goes on, it's hard not to wish for a little more depth of emotion and some of the sweetness that seemed so ever-present in the first season. Though second seasons are always rocky territory, I can't help but think that at least a little of the baby seems to have been tossed out with the bathwater. Yes, the show seems to have gotten a lot of confidence in its time away; the pacing is stronger, the costumes have stepped up a notch, and the show seems even more willing to go there with style and flair and general drama. And yet, in the rush to put these characters in the wider world of more serious pirate-ry, I can't help but think that some fans will miss the simpler times of Stede and his pirate crew.

Of course, we can't expect a full ending to the story with season 2, as showrunner David Jenkins has already mapped out an idea of a three season story.

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