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Our Flag Means Death writer attends Our Flag Means Strike event through felt-portation

Zayre Ferrer showed up to strike in a unique way

Cadry Ferrer holds a picket sign and a felt puppet of Zayre Ferrer holding an even smaller picket sign
Image credit: Popverse
Photograph of a woman resting her hand on a picket sign and holding a felt puppet of a writer which holds a phone
Image credit: Popverse

On Thursday June 14, Our Flag Means Death writers, actors, and fans united outside of the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, California to show support for the striking Writers Guild of America. (Read more about the strike here.) One writer from the Our Flag Means Death writers room couldn't attend in person, but that didn't keep them from taking part in such a special day.

Zayre Ferrer shared that they could not attend the event in person due to being severely immunocompromised. Luckily, they had a sibling who could help out. Zadry Zerrer attended the strike event in person, wielding not only a black, white, and red WGA picket sign, but also a small felt puppet version of her sibling Zayre, featuring a phone (on video call) for a face and an outstretched arm holding a tiny picket sign.

As for why Zayre went to such extreme (and amazing) lengths to attend the event, Zayre Ferrer told Popverse, “I just wanted to be there with the writers room and our fan base which is amazing." They added that they were excited to take part in an event focused on getting "a fair deal for everyone and [preserving] the future of our craft.”

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