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Ransom Canyon, Netflix's own Yellowstone-style modern Western drama, adds three new cast members

Giddy up for a healthy dose of angst and romance

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While the Old West has been the subject of countless TV series and films over the years, the Modern West has proven just as full of drama and tension. After seeing the success that Paramount+ has had with Yellowstone, Netflix is saddling up for a modern Western drama of its own with Ransom Canyon. In preparation for the new show’s debut, they’ve announced three new cast members for the contemporary Western romance.

Based on the book series by Jodi Thomas, Ransom Canyon is a “comfort romance” according to Netflix’s head of drama and development, putting it in the same vein as My Life with the Walter Boys. The multi-generational drama follows two rival families in rural Texas who are competing not only in the ranch business but also in the love business. Netflix hasn’t been shy about comparing it to Paramount’s hit drama, describing the show as “Virgin River meets Yellowstone” in interviews, hoping to profit off the anticipation for the Kevin Costner-led show when the final season finishes later this year.

The cast of Ransom Canyon has continued to grow as they work toward an eventual debut on Netflix. James Brolin joins as the salty and stubborn Cap Fuller, while Eion Macken will be playing the charming and well-educated Davis. Lizzy Greene has been cast as Lauren Brigman, an ambitious head cheerleader who dreams of leaving the quiet life behind and moving to the big city. They will be joining series leads Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly.

No release date for Ransom Canyon has been announced, but Netflix has said that it will run for ten, hour-long episodes.

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