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Yellowstone final episodes delayed a full year, but two more spin-offs are confirmed

Saddle up for a long overdue adventure.

Yellowstone screenshot
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

The summer of strikes in Hollywood has caused havoc among studios for most of 2023. With actors still on strike, several shows are seeing their release dates pushed back further and further. Yellowstone, one of Paramount+'s big hits over the past few years, has been in a perpetual state of limbo since the first half of its fifth season aired in November 2022. The final eight episodes have been pushed back a full year and are now expected to air in November 2024.

The Kevin Costner-led show has been one of the biggest casualties of the strikes – production was originally stalled by the WGA Strike in May and was further delayed by the SAG-AFTRA Strike in July. With actors still not returning to work, even the late 2024 release date feels a bit ambitious. It would be a remarkably long break between episodes in a season, even in this uncertain time in Hollywood.

It isn’t all bad news for fans, though – two new Yellowstone sequel series have been confirmed. 1944 has been in development since February 2023 while 2024 has been officially greenlit by Paramount. Both shows are set to follow the exploits of the Dutton family in their titular years and join 1883 and 1923 in the rapidly growing web of Yellowstone shows.

No release date for either series has been confirmed but we wouldn’t expect them until after Yellowstone’s fifth season has its final curtain call in 2025 – provided that the strike ends before more delays are announced.

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