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Scott Snyder talks about a "more meaningful" animated Wytches adaptation

Snyder is co-showrunning the series for Prime Video, which will use Jock's art as its visual guide

Image credit: Image Comics

It’s been a few months since it was announced that Scott Snyder’s Wytches was coming to Prime Video as an animated series — and during his AMA on Popverse as part of the site’s birthday celebrations, he revealed some more information about what to expect from the show and who’s involved with it.

After naming American Vampire as the project of his that he would be most excited to see adapted into other media — because, he explained, it’s the single project that features the greatest variety of what he’s capable of — Snyder was prompted by host Ashley V. Robinson to talk about his upcoming Wytches series currently in the works at Prime Video.

For those unfamiliar, Wytches — a horror series co-created with artist Jock about a family dealing with an ancient threat in a small New Hampshire town (he writes, trying to remain as un-spoiler-y as possible) — was previously in development as a live action movie, before being announced as an animated series from Prime Video earlier this year.

“I was like, I just think in my heart […] that [animation] is this untapped vein,” Snyder explained “I think there is a whole genre that’s unexplored there.”

As for the Wytches series specifically, he explained, “We sold it as, let us try this. Let us get live action writers for it, invest in it a little bit, animate Jock’s art so it looks like the comic, and let us tell something that’s more disturbing, more personal, more R-rated, more of all of it — more meaningful, in a really robust way.”

Snyder serves as co-showrunner on the show, alongside Echo showrunner Marion Dayre, who has also worked on AMC’s Better Call Saul and Apple TV+’s Shantaram, with the writers room including Jeff Howard, known for his work on Netflix’s Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Hill House.

“We have 20 weeks to [write] the first season, and we’re guaranteed two seasons, so I’m really excited,” Snyder revealed — although progress on the show has been temporarily halted for obvious reasons: “We’re two episodes into eight of the first season, sort of outlined and that stuff, and the season’s broken, and then the strike hits,” he shared. Because of that, he’s now of the opinion that the show will launch closer to 2025 than the previously announced 2024.

Watch the complete AMA, which also includes Snyder talking about writing influences, what comics he’s currently enjoying, and more, right here.

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