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SDCC 2023: Funkoville is an entire "town" dedicated to collectibles here on the San Diego show floor

Bigger than ever, the Funkoville booth is not only a pleasure to look at, it's also completely packed

Photo of Funkoville booth
Image credit: POpverse

At this year's San Diego Comic Con in the back corner of the San Diego Convention Center Exhibit Hall, you'll find what looks like a small town called Funkoville. It's an enormous exhibit with individual booths decorated in pastel colors and old-timey signage to look like small shops in a small town, each shop with its own brand and speciality. This is the Funko booth, and they've brought a lot of merchandise to sell. Not only is there a Blockbuster, there is also a donut shop, a bowling alley, a Loungefly-themed boutique and Mondo gas station.

With its huge size, Funkoville is an unmissable booth on the show floor - a Funko representative tells Popverse that Funko has the biggest footprint of any booth on the show floor at San Diego Comic Con (though, you could probably just guess that by looking) - but in case you need to find it on the map, you'll be able to track it down at booth number #5341.

As for how to navigate the booths, everything is fairly straightforward. Not only is there a helpful information booth right when you step into the space (you'll find it on your righthand side as you walk in), you should be able to see each minibooth's sign as you walk in. Shuffle along towards that shop, and a employee will direct you to where the line is. As you wait in line, you'll be handed your own paper menu featuring every item on sale in that booth so you can peruse your dream purchases while you wait in the very long lines (don't worry, they seemed to move fast when we were there!).

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