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Big Spawn movie news is coming, Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane are just waiting for the strikes to end

Todd McFarlane teases an exciting update for the Spawn movie, but he can’t reveal it until the Writers and Actors Strike ends.

Todd McFarlane and Spawn #301
Image credit: Image Comics

Spawn hasn’t had his own movie since 1997, but according to his creator that will be changing shortly. Todd McFarlane has been trying to bring Image Comics’ breakout character back to the big screen for years, and during San Diego Comic-Con he gave an update – sort of.

Due to the current writers strike and actors strike, McFarlane cannot promote any current projects. The legendary comic creator made it clear that he supports the writers and actors, but he could still work within the rules to give fans a tease.

“Here’s the thing, we’ve got a writers strike, and we’ve got an actors strike, and I am part of SAG myself. Which basically means that in solidarity to everybody, they don’t want us talking about stuff,” McFarlane said at his Comic-Con spotlight panel.

“Prior to the strike Jason Blum gave an interview. You may just want to go read his interview, that was pre-strike,” McFarlane teased. The creator is referring to an interview Jason Blum gave to, where the producer said he expected the Spawn movie to hit theaters in 2025.

“All I can say is that my best guess is that when they solve this, and it could be a long time unfortunately – not just for Spawn, but for our entire industry. Everything has been shut down. My guess is maybe 60 days it all opens we’ll be able to come back here with some exciting news. But for now, I can’t say much more than that because we’re on strike,” McFarlane concluded.

We’ve waited over 25 years for another Spawn movie, so another 2 years shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t forget, Popverse is regularly updating our calendar of upcoming superhero movie releases. When a Spawn release date is locked in, you’ll be able to see it on the list.

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