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What would a Disney version of the X-Men look like? A Marvel artist is showing us

We won't say we're in love with these designs (Okay, we really are)

Image credit: Marvel Animation

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Now that Disney is hard at work bringing the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re left to wonder what universe Professor Xavier and his team of superpowered mutants could find themselves in next. How would they look if they were transported to one of Disney’s own universes? We don’t have to wonder any longer, as Marvel artist Mark Brooks has kindly shown us.

For the past few weeks, Brooks has been sharing his take on a Disney-fied X-Men and the results are really impressive. From Nightcrawler to Jubilee to the Master of Magnetism himself, most of the most famous names in X-Men history have gotten the Disney treatment on Mark Brooks’social media in the past month.

Personally, we’re big fans of the Disney version of Beast, who looks oddly adorable in the way he is proportioned, with a ridiculously powerful build with a harmless smile. We’re getting powerful himbo energy from one Dr. Hank McCoy in this very unofficial X-Men/Disney crossover. Brooks' Storm is also a great touch – she looks like she was based on Megara from Hercules, which is a great choice since both women are the baddest people in any given room.

We never knew we needed a buddy comedy featuring Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston and Colossus, but based on the pose he is pulling in this image it needs to happen. At least, we need to start writing the fanfiction where Colossus teaches Gaston how to be a decent human being, preferably with lots of headlocks and noogies along the way.

The list continues to grow, with Domino and Cable being recently added to the X-Men Disney-fied lineup and more on the way, which makes this the most magical universe the X-Men have ever had to save. When can we get some variant covers based on this, Marvel?

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